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Social Networking Blues

Social Networking Blues

I hate social networking. It’s not my thing. It’s kind of a necessary evil, though, and I acknowledge that.

Every piece of advice I read about building a business in the 21st century says you gotta get on the networks. You have to Facebook, you have to blog, you have to navigate the forums…and for some people they’re all about this stuff.

Some people see social networking as a reason to get up in the morning. Some people make a bloody career out of it. That’s cool. I get up in the morning, make coffee, and start drawing or painting. This cyber bullshit frankly bores me to death. For the most part.

It’s not like I’m some stodgy old dude. It’s just kind of tiresome to me, I guess. Half my friends on Facebook have their feeds blocked because I like them as people in real life but I can’t stand the bullshit they post.

Blogging is a challenge for me because I don’t know what to say. I really struggle with content. I guess it’s like my Facebook problem; I hate most of what I see and I’m reluctant to add to the trash heap.

Man, I used to be active as hell on MySpace before it turned into the swamp it is now. I had two profiles. Heck I used to be on VampireFreaks all of the time too. I was a lot more active on DeviantArt at one time. I’ve got profiles all over the freaking place.

But forums piss me off too. For every one response that’s thoughtful and addresses the topic, there are five just throwaway comments from what I call “rattlecans.” People that say shit that doesn’t answer questions, is half the time arrogant and/or ignorant. It doesn’t look like trolling, I think they really think they just gifted the world with a gem of a post. It’s a polished turd is what it is.

Look, I have a thick skin. It’s not like I’m afraid to get my feelings hurt. I can handle dipshits and asshats. It’s just that I don’t want to.

I just recently joined both CG Society and Illustration Mundo. I queued up some stuff on Tumblr again (I’ve just been reading and not posting for months). I’m hoping to have some good conversations, build a good network, and learn some useful things.

This blog post sounds like I’m afraid, I think. I’m not. I know how to operate in cyberspace. I know how to keep my dignity and be an active participant. I’m just a cynical person. My first jobs were all retail and then worked in a restaurant through college and I’ll tell you if those are two industries that don’t teach you how to hate human beings, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, the internet gives a lot of those people more reach than they deserve, and my eyes are pretty done with rolling.

Right then. Onward.


5 thoughts on “Social Networking Blues

  1. I actually kind of agree with you but then I did like the results from marketing and I guess I find it kind of fun (now) to find new avenues of marketing lol. Best of luck 😀

  2. I actually kind of agree with you but then I did like the results from marketing and I guess I find it kind of fun (now) to find new avenues of marketing lol. Best of luck 😀

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