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Ian Stone with his bulldog, Dexter

My name is Ian Stone. I’m a freelance American illustrator and graphic designer living and working in upstate New York. Moulin Diesel is my art studio. Embracing an unlikely pastiche of Bohemia, Dieselpunk, Outsider art, and the dark, timeworn richness of Primitive Folk Art, the result is a strange, retro-futurist vision rooted in the combined aesthetics of dreams, sci-fi, classic horror, and ragdoll rusticity. I use this eclectic mix to create art, illustrations, and designs out of a tangled process of creative endeavor.

My art explores a boundary zone between two worlds. On one end is the city: gritty, built of glass and steel, right angles, and neon lights. There is chaotic energy, hustle and bustle…intensity. At the other end is the clean, pastoral, untamed country. It’s silent and moves quietly. Moulin Diesel exists in the collisions between these two and in fact the name—”Moulin Diesel,” a diesel windmill—encapsulates this idea as the phrase is a contradictory melding of the two. But somewhere in these strange, ethereal places where the metropolis bleeds into the woods, those windmills exist. That phantasmal territory is my inspiration.

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